管理番号 彫017-2320
登録番号 13162320
年  代 前900-850年頃
素  材 石灰岩
地  域 イラク、ニムルド遺跡
分  類 彫刻
寸  法 H. 106 cm
Relief of Protective Spirit, Apukallu
Control Number 彫017-2320
Registration number 13162320
Year ca. 900-850 B.C.
Material Limestone
Provenance Nimrud, Iraq
Classfication sculpture
Dimension H. 106 cm
This is a part of the relief that decorated inner wall of a palace at Neo-Assyrian capital Nimrud (Kalhu). The imaginative creature, that has the head and wings of an eagle, and human body is the protective spirit called "Apukallu". It is thought that a black vulture was the model of this spirit. Apukallu is holding a pail in the left hand and a pine cone in the right hand. This motif is interpreted as a pollination to “a tree of life”, or a purification ceremony.